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The way you do anything is the way you do everything!

Since we started, I have been a little (ok, a lot) specific about the way our documents are formatted and delivered to the end user, be it media, the client or social audience. We have an induction document that has an entire section dedicated to the way specific collateral needs to be laid out before it is sent out of this office.

Lately, I’m not whether it’s because I’m simply addicted to it or because I am thinking about it so often, I have come across so many articles, advertising material, website copy and social media pages where sentence structure falls apart, ‘visually appealing’ content or text looks like it’s been vomited rather than drafted, and reading said content or text makes you feel like you’re at an American grammar convention as every word uses ‘z instead of ‘s’.

My opinion is that how you do the little things should be an exact reflection of how you do the big things. Paying attention to something as simple as a font size today may be the difference between getting a group of media to attend your next launch event because you gave them a parking ticket tomorrow. I’ve outlined some of my DO’s:

- DO make the font size easy on the eye for reading. Size 10 to 12 are our preferred size - DO choose a font that you draft everything in – internal and external documents, emails and memos - DO justify your spacing - DO select a decent line spacing so the reader finds the flow of the text easier on the eye - DO have checklist of the ‘little’ things when planning any type of event – if you’re thinking it, do it - DO check your spelling – we live in South Africa, not San Francisco - DO get someone to give what you’ve written the once over (a few people read this…) - DO love the art of writing and communication, it’s a beautiful form with limitless expression opportunities

So the next time myself or someone like me gently reminds you to justify your spacing or note an Americanised spelling error, be thankful for the small amount of attention that’s being paid to how you do anything, because really, it’s everything!

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