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Happy 10th birthday

It’s a funny thing, birthdays. It reminds you that another year has passed, encourages you to check in on your goals and offers you the opportunity to check on their progress and socially, sends you messages from people you have come across or worked with over a period of time that have somehow shaped or influenced the reflecting you do as your celebrate.

To be honest, it sprung upon us an entire year earlier than we thought it would, but this year we celebrate our company’s 10th birthday. As I sit here writing this, I am in a fortunate place of appreciation.

Appreciation for the amount of people who wished us, some of whom I’ve met and worked with, some of whom I haven’t yet had the privilege.Appreciation for the opportunity to be able to do what we love, every day and have fun whilst doing it.Appreciation for the people who have been with us at some stage on this journey – whether good or bad, every single one has been an incredible lesson.Appreciation that we too have had the privilege to be able to influence change – both as a business and as individualsAppreciation for the work that still drives our passion and challenges our thinking and comfort zone boundariesAppreciation to HAVE to learn and understand things, even when you don’t want to.

And appreciation for those who are still part of the Craving Novity journey – may the road continue to bring us the humps and potholes we will have to navigate through whilst experiencing this salubrious view

Happy Birthday Craving Novity

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