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Don’t come to me with your problems

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Too often and as a self-proclaimed gatekeeper, we tend to deal with the metaphorical ‘fire’ on more occasions than is necessary to mention. Crisis mode here, sounds a lot like, %^$&, *(%$, #%^@, :_+@! can be quite bad and not for the faint hearted.

A crisis doesn’t always have to be dealing with something negative in the press, it can also mean dealing with last minute (like very last) events, deadlines on international proposals that the local team has forgotten about or a water vs oil scenario with clients who don’t quite understand what PR is all about (I think the precise definition still evades this industry, something like online/social coverage analyses ). My theory in any of the above situations and others just like them are to find solutions, not focus on the problem.

Like the ‘safety card in the back seat of your chair’ suggests, rule # 1 is to stay calm! We then identify at least three possible scenarios to overcome or rectify the problem. More often than not, opinion and people are involved so it’s important to be prepared. Like previous blogs, I’m a big advocate of using resources so speak to your team. Listen to what others have to say or what their view is on a certain situation and empower yourself by coming up with three potential outcomes you can prepare for before to run to the hills (the proverbial manager) panicking. I can almost guarantee with this approach, not only does the wave of hysteria become a meagre splash, but within your planning process, you will identify learnings that can be used to your - and your client’s advantage.

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