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Women in Gaming : E-Sports Contender and Gaming Enthusiast Julia Bish Robson breaks through in a male dominated industry.

“Mom I want to play video games for a living?” would have most parents laugh nervously before attempting to steer their teenage daughter into the general direction of text books, university options and a B-something degree. Read more

SUPERSONIC win the ISP sprint once again with MyBroadband

Supersonic, MTN’s new super simple Internet Service Provider, win proverbial gold at MyBroadband’s Q2 2019 speed test and mobile app results once again. Read more

“Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change " - Barbara Januszkiewikz

LIQUIDRed, a manufacturer of beautifully-crafted bathroom accessories, tapware, and towel ladders, has launched the next phase of its Inspired Design campaign with leading design school, Greenside Design Center in Johannesburg, and Paragon Interface, a multi award-winning and well-renowned international space planning and interior architecture company in Johannesburg Read more

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