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A #thinkoutloud from our digital duchess

We work with numerous social and digital accounts for our clients - from a community management perspective, all the way through to detailed analytic and proof of execution reports. Some accounts are sitting on 200 plus posts per month and others on a few per week. The point though is that when posting, I've found that we generate far more engagement on posts that have been tailored to the audience and to the profile. I have no doubt that there will be a digital native reading this going, 'DUH', but I'm not sure just how 'DUH' this statement is.

We know of clients who are spending small fortunes on boosting 1 post per week (and there are those media agencies who say don't post if you don't boost) yet is the fundamental role of social media not conversation and engagement? So how will that work if you're forcing your brand/promo/combo/deal/special offer/competition etc down, what could essentially be, your brand advocates throats?

We have a variety of channels that we manage for our clients depending on the brand. Same products, same messages, same campaigns, and more often than not, SAME AUDIENCE (as in physical individuals) who behave completely differently across the client's platforms so it becomes super important to know what works best and where. I am AB's biggest fan - as in A/B testing (not the cricketer, bad joke, sorry) as without trying different content, different messages and different CTA's, how could I possibly know what the BEST type of content would be more my client... #foodforthought

Here are some key trends we've been playing with this month that are working:

- Live video continues to thrive

- Chatbots are chatting more than ever

- MICRO influencers I N F L U E N C E (we're not going to say we told you so)

- Find balance between paid and organic content

- A/B test visual assets too

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