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Contrary to popular belief, there's still no 'I' in TEAM

One thing that we believe still needs a bit of attention across the marketing faculty, is the fact that all marketing, public relations, social media and event success comes from team effort.

We’re often at the receiving end of the metaphoric campaign punching bag when stuff goes pear shaped yet it’s hardly ever ‘ This certificate of excellence is awarded to Joe Soap, Marketing Manager for Joe Soap Brand, and his/her PR, Marketing, Social or even just, ‘team’; when things are great.

Yes, I know we’re there to make you look good and I’m not saying we want the credit by any means, what I am saying though, is if you want us to be successful, collectively, then we need to work as a collective unit. Don’t give us half of the information, or not respond to our urgent requests that require your attention because our names are flooding your inbox, and then expect for us to make magic less than 24 hours before a big launch, announcement or deadline needs to be met.

The same goes for our Whatsapp messages. It’s like expecting us to run a marathon with no training – setting us up for failure. We will nod, smile and make you feel like we can ‘Superman the earth on its axis’ and make stuff happen, but reality is that it’s incredibly disrespectful and your brand will suffer the brunt of its side effects.

So the next time you refer to or treat this hardworking bunch of individuals that are busting their 'youknowwhats' for your brand - as your ‘minions’ or whatever other insulting phrase you deem necessary to boost your own ego, please remember, in the echoed words of W.E. Deming, “A bad system will beat a good person or team - every time.”

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